Naked Selfies, Nudist Dating Websites and Odd Nudist Profile Pictures

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Issues With Strange Naked Selfies Posted By Nudists Online

Naked Selfies - I was talking with Felicity the other day and the topic of online nudist pictures and naked selfies came up. To be more specific, we talked about the strange (at least in our minds) profile images that some people post on nudist websites. It’s great that nudism is slowly moving online but in our view, quality trumps quantity.

A quick online search brought up a bunch of so-called Nudist Dating and Nudist Social Network websites. So far as we could tell, there are a bunch of websites out there today that are being promoted as honest to goodness nudist websites. But are they really?

Naked Selfies

Naked Selfies – I Am Man. Me Have Penis

Nudist Dating Websites and Penis Selfies As Profile Pictures

Taking a quick look at some of the sites that came up, we came to the conclusion that a true nudist or naturist would quickly be put off. This is mostly due to the images they see. For example, naked selfies such as the classic nudist “reclining male nude” or the obvious professional stock image of a porn star’ish woman would quickly deter us from spending any time on the site.

Let’s take for example a nudist dating site. While we expected to see the same types of images as you would in any other site (minus the clothes perhaps), this is not the case.

A mainstream textile dating site is filled with people from all walks of life who are hoping to make a good impression. As such, their profiles are filled with interesting facts about their lives and most will have at least one picture if not more. In most of the pictures, the people are well groomed, in the midst of doing different things or just hanging out (pardon the pun). Those images attempt to convey something fun, interesting or just a damn good photo that they feel will raise the chances that they someone will click on their profile and hopefully contact them.

Naked Selfie

Naked Selfie “I am a real girl I AM”

Flash back to the nudist dating site where many of the images tell quite a different story. The nudist sites are inundated with pictures of men and they tend to be focused on their penis. In addition, many of the women’s profiles can be found sporting images of women in sexual poses as well as the obvious “fake” images.

*As a side note – Many of the “fake” images are posted by the site owner with the hopes of attracting more men who might be quick to sign up and pay the fee just to be able to email the person they think is the profile’s owner.

So this got us wondering – why the huge discrepancy between nudist sites and textile ones? Why would a nudist dating site have so many penis-focused images (which is filled with sexual undertones) while mainstream textile site will have more “real” / “conservative” images?

Are nudists who are looking to draw attention to their profile are reverting to Alpha Male Ape like behavior? Is it the – “Look At Me I Am Man” Syndrome? Do they really believe that by showcasing their penis, women will flock to their profiles like moths to a flame?

I would like to pose these questions with the hopes of better understanding the mindset.

Men – What are you thinking or looking to achieve when you post selfies where the focus is your penis?

Women – Are you attracted to the penis-focused images?

For those women who are, we would love to know if:

A – Do you consider yourself a true nudist?

B – What is it about the images that you find so attractive?

C – What is that you are looking for when you click on such profiles? (i.e. – love, sex, companionship and so on)

Inquiring nudie minds want to know the truth about naked selfies so please share your feelings, thoughts and opinions!

Young Naturists and Nudists America YNA

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Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and co-founder of Young Naturists America.

Beautiful.  Lovely. To the point and on the mark!

We wrote a similar article a few years ago and came to the same conclusions.  Now, there was a time when we hosted one of those sites, innocently thinking that it was legit.  It wasn't and we dumped it, losing the investment made.  Well worth if for the price of integrity lost by continuing it merely for profit.  Oh, and there's a LOT of profit to be made by suckering folks!

We have studied this and are not shy about NOT recommending ANY (as in, NONE, ZERO, ZIP) so-called 'nudist' or 'naturist' dating sites.  Most are all part of the same huge dating organizations which offer much but provide little except different names for the same organization.  'Free to join', 'world's largest dating site'; then hundreds to talk to other unfortunate men and exploitative women, if women they really are.

Not to say that all online dating is bogus, but stick to the mainstream ones, not these phoney 'nudist' dating sites.  Scroll to the bottom and see where they come from.

Angie and I met through E-Harmony after a lot of family pressure to 'get out there!' as we stagnated post-divorce.  I was a nudist, she a good Catholic gal.  Well, my pastime freaked the hell out of her but, since we were actually dealing with REAL people, she gave me a chance!  A few weeks later she was naked with me at Mazo Beach in 45 degree weather, and LOVED IT!

Seven years and counting, deeply in love, our families merged, and Angie's been a huge naturist since she first jumped in!  Uh, she co-writes our website!

Guys, you aren't going to find the perfect woman on an exploitative phony site.  Go the real route if online is your way. Be honest about yourself and who you are.  Few folks of quality will be found on those sleazy and phony 'nudist' dating sites or paid membership 'community' sites.  The're sucker bait.

Thanks for this posting, YNA.  There's a lot of needy folks out there, including nudists, but they need to know not to waste their time on this, um, can I say crap?


I don't think most men are dumb enough to believe women will really be attracted to inappropriate photos.

I believe the opportunity to post anonymously is appealing to some exhibitionist types.   


Like most of the comments are saying, it's down to guys assuming women are attracted to the same things men are.  There's also an element of fetish to it.  I remember it being arousing and scary the first few times to think of someone seeing my naked body that way--so the focus tends to drift towards our own favorite part of our body.  Instead of recognizing how horribly common it is (since clearly a good 900 other men that day had the same idea) they think "I'm unique and this shows how confident I am".  

Mine are artistic and get awesome response.  Naturally confident (while just happening to be naked) or just being naked and doing something cool would probably do wonders.  I wonder what a dominant pose would do.  If any of you have a clue about body language, test it and bring that back.  That sounds fascinating.  Hell, I think i just found a weekend project for myself.  :: Does dominance transmit through a naked picture?  Are women attracted to dominance in that medium?  Are less dominant men intimidated? (gauged by the "what a douchebag" reaction)  

*Sigh*, I already had not enough time and now here I am with a new experiment for myself.  I love/hate this site.  lol

bruce kendall
bruce kendall

It is so sad when men post photos that have their penis as the focal point. I believe they think women (or maybe it is a gay thing) will be attracted to them. Probably some are but very few, and only if the penis is unique for some reason. 

This had nothing to do with naturism or being a nudist, it is men's mistaken thoughts on what attracts a woman. If women wanted a man of quality they would rather see a man's naked brain. His personality and attitude will last longer in their thoughts than any sexual encounter or close up photos of their penis.

At Thailand Naturist we don't allow members to show their genitals if they don't show their face, this is a rule we are very strong about. If a member persists after we have notified them that they violate the rules we remove them as a member.


This is of course my personal opinion. 

There seem to be a number of issues that play a role in posting those penis-focused selfies. 

There is a significant mental barrier to cross before putting yourself out there, unless you suffer from a bout of severe exhibitionism that borders on a serious illness.

There is also an issue of insecurity. They want to come across as an outgoing person, a nudist, and 'a real man'. For men that have a few years behind their belt, a full frontal picture of their body is in general not really flattering, so they prefer to have the focus on the only part of their body they hope will convince a viewer that they are 'a real man'. If they would sport a six pack and a muscled body, a lot of the insecurity would not be there and they would prefer the viewer to focus more on the rest of their body. 

Many of the selfies (that I've seen) seem to show men that exhibit signs of that insecurity, both with their own body and what others think of it. One of the signs that indicate that insecurity, I believe, is the unkept appearance of their pubic hair. Like with the hair on your head, you keep it tidy because it is in full view of everyone you encounter. If you are happy with your body and happy to show it to everyone else, you keep it tidy. Nudism/naturalism doesn't mean you are expected to be a caveman. Personally, I'm not in favour of a full shave and that area can be used creatively to support some variation :)    


The men are basically posting what they feel a woman would find attractive, since they them selves are attracted to such images of females...this of course is a completely false perception I believe.  I would think in most cases females would not be attracted to that type image or profile.

@j238 Those sites make a lot of money because so many men ARE that dumb.  But yeah, there are those who think that people really want to see their crotch.  They deserve whatever they wind up paying to do so.

@bruce kendall You're so right, Bruce.  C'mon, look at website stats and it's pretty obvious that men like to look at women's crotches!  Some guys think it works the other way too.  Not so much.

And then there's the exibitionists who are helpless NOT to expose themselves if given the opportunity.  Such an opportunity on 'nudist' dating sites!

But none of this has anything whatsoever to do with social nudism.  These are personal expressions that wind up on nudist/naturist places that allow folks to post those pics of themselves.

Thailand Naturist doesn't use salacious photos to gain attention because you have a good, worthwhile message to offer!  You hope to attract real, honest folks.  For God's sake, why would we want to attract anyone else?

What is the need to expose one particular part of the body in a photo?  A real nudist doesn't give a DAMN about those parts, let alone to base ANYTHING on being able to see them!

@scubyw BTW -  It's 'naturism', not 'naturalism' which is a discipline of science unrelated to social nudism. Referring to 'naturalism' is a sure sign of a newbie!     ;-)

Also, a big part of naturism/nudism is that we don't give a damn about other's appearance and absolutely understand that YOUR opinion of someone's appearance is of no interest whatsoever to anyone else. Ever.

Suggest that you learn a bit about social nudism before lecturing others about how you feel millions of folks worldwide for over a century should see things.  Pubic hair?  Really?  That has anything to do with the focus of the article?  For that matter, anything to do with nudism/naturism?  Pubic grooming?

We understand that this YNA site is intended to attract and educate newcomers, and it certainly does that, but in that spirit and for your own comfort we suggest that you learn a bit about the subject before offering your typical Textile opinions on a nudist/naturist website.

Yeah, you've been kicking around online for awhile, but have you learned anything?  Really, nothing personal, but a 'nudist' who refers to us as 'naturalists' then obsesses over pubic hair grooming (!) doesn't really seem to 'get it'.

Sorry, not intending to seem mean, just letting you know that you are WAY over your head here, and apparently know nothing about social nudism.  and it shows,  Your personal fixation with pubic hair is, well, kind of silly, if not weird.  More like a sophomoric 'letter to to Playboy' than to a serious nudist/naturist forum.

Jes' sayin'...


@All-Nudist @scubyw Thanks for picking up on that spelling mistake. And no, I don't need a lecture on that. Assuming you are based in the US, the approach to grooming might be different. I have not been to a nudist place over there. In New Zealand almost every man and woman I've seen has done some sort of grooming, most of the time actually full Monty. In Europe it was pretty much the same.

If you would have read it all in context, it would perhaps have made sense to you. Nit picking and commenting on out of context parts is not helping. Perhaps you should read it again and try to understand.