Naked Girl – My The First Experience With Social Nudity

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Naked Girl – First Social Experience With Nudity In Public

(Guest Blog By Anon)

A Naked Girl’s Story

Being a girl and growing up in a house of four other girls, nudity was never a big deal to me. If it weren’t myself I was checking out in the mirror, it was my sister’s naked butt I had to watch bounce from the room we shared to the bathroom next door. However, this was all within the safety of our home and the security of our walls and privacy of a family. I never imagined that nudity outside of these safe spots would feel any different.

For my first social nude experience, I was fifteen years old. My friends and I were all invited by one of our other friends to a cabin up north. It was in the beginning of July, and the days were hotter than ever. We spent hours upon hours out on the lake and if not there then enjoying iced drinks on the dock. Staying cool was the top priority.

The first night some of the boys brought up going skinny dipping. However, the idea got shut down since most of the girls were not interested. The second night, however, was a different story. The majority of the girls were burnt to a crisp and suffering from hot flashes. So before the sun was even fully set, all of us tippy-toed out to the beach.

Naked Girl Sunbathing

Naked Girl Sunbathing

I really was not expecting the experience to be anything other than what I had witnessed at my house. Nor did I think it would feel any different. Up until that point in my life, I had never seen the opposite sex undressed and only a couple of very close girlfriends.

The boys went first. I could not stop staring. Of course, I knew what it all looked like, I had seen it in movies, pictures, and general media. However, it all seemed so much more “real” when it was “flopping” right there in front of me. My initial feeling was that of shyness and discomfort. As though I were eavesdropping or looking through the window into someone’s home.

Then the girls went. I was a little less shocked, but, I was surprised by the variation. Every naked girl I saw had her own unique body. Some of the girls had fat in different spots, others seemed to have none at all. Even the girls with generally the same breast size as me, had different shaped breasts.

By the end of the day, I was impressed with the other girls’ bodies while I was still quite uncomfortable with the boys’. I suppose the reason why I did not notice the nuances of the boys’ nakedness was because after the first few seconds I chose to look away as much as I could.

For months after, I felt as though I had done something really wrong. I felt like I was supposed to look away even more.  I guess I was not ready for nudism yet, at least not at that stage of my life.

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