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Melissa Dejanude Blog

Melissa DejaNude Blog

About The DejaNude Blog and Melissa

Melissa Dejanude’s Blog – My name is Melissa aka: DejaNude. Over the years I have found that an important part of me needs to be shared with the general public in relations to who I am not just as an advocate for freedom, but a human being. Many of my life struggles and tall tales include stories about my childhood while I grew up seeking acceptance in a society developed on the foundation and bureaucratic principles of image and stereotypes.

Melissa Deja Nude Blog

Melissa Deja Nude Blog

Little did I find a place were I could be myself without any social expectations or public criticisms than through the lifestyle of nude recreation and freedom. After discovering this new part of me, the place where I find most peace in has become threatened to cease to exist by the State of California; this place is a clothing optional / nudist beach called San Onofre. For this very reason, I feel compelled to payback my respects towards this new found freedom by sharing it with others through my eyes as a beholder of naturism. The Dejanude Blog is my story.

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