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Young Naturists and Young Nudists America (or YNA for short) is a youth focused nudist organization that is open to all socially nude and naked friendly people interested in naturism, nudism and nudie related activities.

Young Naturists and Young Nudists America YNAAt YNA we are not just focused on nudism and nudist related activities. We are constantly advocating for tolerance, acceptance, positive body image, censorship related issues and many other social causes. While the name of our nudist organization is "Young Naturists America", we welcome everyone regardless of age, race, color, sexual orientation, gender, tattoos, piercings and so forth. Our naturist community (not nudist colony!) of both older and younger nudists and naturists is mostly based out of the NY, NJ and PA areas but we do have naked events and promote non-sexual social nudity all over the world! If you would like to help us impact the world in a positive manner, consider becoming a member of YNA or simply make a donation. When it comes to nudism or naturism in the world today, Young Nudists and Young Naturists America is the premiere, trusted and go-to source for quality information. Our website is constantly being updated with articles and posts about naked and nudity related news, social issues as well as non-sexual clothing optional or nude mandatory events and naked parties! At Young Nudists and Naturists America - it's all about the love!

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A Look at the Upcoming 2016 Season at Solair Nudist Resort

Solair Nudist Resort 2016 Season: Young Naturists Weekend, New YNA Discount & More Guest Blog by: Tyler at Solair Hello, everyone! My name is Tyler and my wife and I are members of Solair, a family nudist resort located in Woodstock, Connecticut. My wife and I are by definition young naturists, as I am 27 ... Read More...
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Help Fund Bodypainting Day 2016 On Kickstarter

Support Bodypainting Day 2016 Through Our New Kickstarter Campaign! **UPDATE**: We have just THREE DAYS remaining on the Kickstarter campaign with about $1800 more needed to reach our goal! We need your help to make Bodypainting Day happen in 2016. Please donate any amount you can, and SHARE the campaign with friends!!! Sunday, May 1st ... Read...

Felicity's Naturist Blog

Project Runway All Stars Naturist Episode: Where Naturism, Body Image and Fashion Intersect

The Story Behind the Naturist Episode of Project Runway All Stars One would think that naturism and fashion generally don’t mix but… Of all the production company and TV network pitches we’ve gotten over the years (and there have been a ton of them), the invitation to be part of a fashion reality TV show ... Read More...
Body Image and Body Acceptance Blogs

Guide to Breasts, Body Image and Boobs in American Culture

Female Breasts or Boobs and Mainstream Society Breasts – Most people have them, not everyone loves them but American culture clearly attaches a lot of importance to them. There exists an infatuation with female breasts in particular. This is evidenced in part by the many slang names we have for them – boobs, tata’s, jugs, ... Read More...

Naturist and Nudist Blogs about Social Nudity and Acceptance

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Norwegian Filmmaker Casting For New Documentary On Body Shame We at YNA were recently contacted by a Norwegian filmmaker named Jan Dalchow who is working on a new documentary about body shame and nudity. Him and his team are currently casting for more people who have dealt with negative body image and body shame. The …
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Naturist Women and Issues With Sexual Harassment Online Guest Blog by: Stéphane Deschênes It can be tough for a woman to be a naturist on the internet. First they have to wade through a variety of websites that call themselves “naturist” or “nudist” but are just portals for people who like to objectify and hyper-sexualize …
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Naturist Action Committee: Help Reverse Closure of Mazo Nude Beach On Tuesday, March 8, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announced that Mazomanie Beach, also known as Mazo Beach, has been closed to the public. Mazo Beach is located on the Wisconsin River in southern WI. Mazo has been a popular nude beach for …
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What It’s Like To Race in the Bare Burro 5K Nude Run The 7th annual Bare Burro 5K Nude Run will take place on April 10, 2016 at Olive Dell Nudist Ranch in Colton, California. From the event press release: “The Bare Burro run was started in 2010 and is now established as the premier nude …
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