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Young Naturists America (YNA for short) is an organization for all social nude-friendly people interested in naturism, nudism and nudie related activities. At YNA we advocate for tolerance, acceptance, positive body image and many other social causes. We welcome everyone regardless of age, race, color, sexual orientation, tattoos and piercings. Our community of nudists and naturists is based out of the NY / NJ / PA area but we have naked events and promote social nudity all over the world! If you would like to help us impact the world in a positive manner, consider becoming a member or making a donation. When it comes to nudism or naturism, YNA is the premiere, trusted, go-to source for quality information and events! And remember... at YNA, it's all about the love!

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Body Image Blogs

A Woman’s Battle with Breast Cancer, Mastectomy and Body Image

A Woman Personal Battles with Breast Cancer, Mastectomy and Body Image By: Jordan Blum Courageous Mastectomy Interview With Rebecca The issue of body image and acceptance is something many people struggle with in society today. It becomes far more extreme when people are forced to alter or even remove body parts due to illness. As ... Read More...
Latest Naked News

The End of Our New Jersey Nude Spa

Terlam Is Closing and Our New Jersey Nude Spa Days Are Over :( Nude Spa Sundays no more: This past March, we purchased SpaLady in Woodbridge, NJ and re-opened as Terlam Women’s Wellness. It was an opportunity to continue what seemed to be a promising women’s gym business and also provide a venue for a ... Read More...

Felicity's Naturist Blog

Event Recap: YNA Trip to The Ledges & Abbott’s Glen

Recap of Our Adventures at The Ledges & Abbott’s Glen in Vermont Last weekend, we did our first ever YNA meetup in Vermont. The purpose was to visit two places we’ve never been to – The Ledges and Abbott’s Glen Clothing Optional Inn & Campground. It always seems to be a journey getting out of ... Read More...
Dating Naked VH1

Review of VH1′s Dating Naked Reality Show: Episode 1

VH1′s “Dating Naked”: Episode 1 Guest blog by: Greg Evans Dating Naked by VH1 I took half an hour today and watched episode 1 of the VH1 show Dating Naked. Until now I haven’t put much thought into this new series other than “Yay! Another nudie show!” I didn’t have any great expectations for the entertainment ... Read...

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Help Us Choose Our New YNA Symbol We’ve been very happy with our YNA logo, but for a long time we’ve wanted to develop a symbol. Something to signify our very own brand of naturism. Something people could put on their t-shirts, backpacks, cars, etc. Something simple, but recognizable and unique. So we ran a …
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 Body Freedom Activist George Davis Delivers Naked Speech in Times Square, NYC On Wednesday, August 4th, I went to see “body freedom activist” George Davis deliver a naked speech in Times Square, NYC. Davis is a nudist from San Francisco, where he’s been protesting ever since supervisor Scott Wiener proposed and successfully attained a nudity …
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Update on the Status of NY’s Former Nude Beach – Lighthouse Beach It’s the 2nd summer that naturists have been banned from Lighthouse Beach on Fire Island, NY. Not long after superstorm Hurricane Sandy in 2012, the National Park Service decided to immediately end nude use of Lighthouse Beach. The NY Post just did a …
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