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Young Naturists and Young Nudists America (or YNA for short) is a young nudism-focused organization for all socially nude and naked friendly people interested in naturism, nudism and nudie related activities.

Young Naturists AmericaAt Young Naturists and Young Nudists America, we are not just about nudism and nudist related activities. We are constantly advocating for tolerance, acceptance, positive body image, censorship related issues and many other social causes. Please note that while we are called "Young Naturists and Young Nudists America", we welcome everyone regardless of age, race, color, sexual orientation, tattoos and piercings. Our community (not colony!) of young nudists and naturists is mostly based out of the NY, NJ and PA areas but we do have naked events and promote non-sexual social nudity all over the world! If you would like to help us impact the world in a positive manner, consider becoming a young nudist member or simply make a donation. When it comes to nudism or naturism in the world today, Young Naturists and Young Nudists America is the premiere, trusted and go-to source for quality information, naked and nudity related news as well as non-sexual clothing optional or nude mandatory events and naked parties! And remember... at Young Naturists and Nudists America - it's all about the love!

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Body Image Blogs

Fear Of Public Showers and Getting Naked

Overcoming My Fear Of Public Showers and Getting Naked in Front Of Strangers (A Guest Blog) My Fear Of Public Showers Back in the day, boys would generally shower after gym class. I an unsure if this is still the norm these days but I spent four years of high-school without ever once setting foot ... Read More...
Latest Naked News and Nudie Shorts

Naked News Roundup: You Look Good Naked Man!

The Latest Naked News Stories Naturism • Shirley Mason, executive director of the  B.E.A.C.H.E.S. Foundation, has officially announced the “Naturist Unity Summit” that her and her team are organizing for February 2015. They created an acronym name, “U.N.I.T.E.” – United Naturist / Nudist International Trade /...

Felicity's Naturist Blog

Top 10 YNA Posts From 2014

The Top 10 YNA Blogs and Articles From 2014 As 2014 comes to an end, we thought we would take a look back at our most popular posts from this past year. This is based on page views and not on comments, though some of these generated a large discussion in the comment section. Here ... Read More...
Nudist Dating and Naked Relationships

Review of VH1’s ‘Dating Naked': Episode 4

‘Dating Naked’ Episode 4 – Getting Naked and Male Erections Day 1 In episode four of Vh1’s Dating Naked, we are introduced to Chuck and Camille. Chuck is a young entrepreneur from Miami, Florida and works in the ladies swim wear business. Camille is a young Las Vegas Nevada Bartender and cocktail server. As they ... Read...

Young Nudists and Young Naturists Blogs

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Review of Spa Castle – Nude Spa in Queens What’s a nudie to do in the dead of winter in NYC? (Especially since winter seems to begin in November now.) Options are limited, but one idea is to visit a nude spa for some hydrotherapy that doesn’t require a bathing suit. This is one of …
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First time Nude in a Social Setting at a Nude Beach in South America (Guest Nudie Blog) First time Nude in a Social Setting The first time I was nude in a social setting was at a nude beach in South America. When I first arrived at the beach I was petrified and I did not …
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Thoughts on Free the Nipple from a Topfree Activist Point of View Last week I attended the much-anticipated Free the Nipple movie premiere at the IFC Theater in NYC. The screening took place the night before its official release date. They had a little press-junket beforehand with director / co-writer and actor Lina Esco, her …
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